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Merlin Incerti-Medici


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About me

I'm a PostDoc at IHES. I did my PhD at Universität Zürich under the supervision of Viktor Schroeder. My mathematical interests, broadly speaking, include asymptotic geometry, geometric group theory and non-positively curved manifolds.

Some central themes of my current work are circumcenter extensions on graph manifolds, boundaries of codimension one subgroups, and properties of (sublinearly) Morse boundaries. The first topic concerns itself with constructions that extend Möbius-maps from visual boundaries to the interior manifolds. The second considers subsets of boundaries that come with particular restrictions and asks about their geometry and topology. The last subject is about understanding properties of boundaries in a non-hyperbolic setting and is specifically concerned with questions of invariance and what topological and geometric structures these boundaries carry.



Publications and Preprints

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2018, to be published in Groups, Geometry & Dynamics

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Alexander von Humboldt, der Weltvernetzer

In collaboration with Life Science Communication AG, I organised a mobile exhibition in honour of the 250. birthday of Alexander von Humboldt in 2019. Humboldt was one of the most influential and well-known scientists of his time and his work on people and nature is not only integrated into how we think about nature but also highly relevant for modern research (most notably for climate science).

Humboldt cared a lot about the accessibility of science to the general public. In this spirit, the exhibition aims to provide an entry point for curious explorers of all ages to see science in a way they may not have known before.

More information, including upcoming dates and locations, can be found here. The pictures belong to Life Science Communication AG.

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35 Route de Chartres,
91440 Bur-sur-Yvette

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